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I have been a loyal Sports Clips (MVP) customer for well over 10 years. But no more. This place has ruined it for me. While the stylists are friendly and courteous, the management is lacking. For nearly 2.5 years I have gone to this location because it is the one closest to home. The service overall has been subpar but I kept hoping it would get better. For example, almost all the new stylists struggle to properly place the face towel on correctly. Their massage points are off. They apply little to no pressure when using the massager on my shoulders. The first time I presented my loyalty card the manager looked at it skeptically and told me they didn't use those anymore. When I pressed the issue she said she would honor it but made it very clear she wasn't really happy about it. At every other Sports Clips location I have ever been to, after one or two visits the stylists know my name, and they know what style of haircut I want. They enter the haircut style information into the computer notes so that no matter the stylist doing the work, the information is there. Again, I have been going to this location for 2.5 years and not once has any of the stylists ever recorded the type/style of haircut I get. So either the stylists don't care, or it's a training issue with management. Given the other issues I have had with the service here I have to assume the latter. On one occasion when checking in online, when I arrived in the parking lot my phone recognized my location and the Sports Clips app allowed me to finalize my check-in while still in the parking lot. Otherwise you have to complete the check-in process at the register upon arrival. When I entered the store the manager told me to complete my check-in at the register. I told her I already had on my phone. She told me it doesn't work like that. I directed her attention to the screen and showed her I was fully checked-in. I was next "on deck." The manager finished with the previous customer's haircut and instead of taking me as the next client, she went on break. Maybe this was a coincidence, I'm not sure. But this wasn't the only time this has happened. So I have been left with the impression that she wasn't keen on cutting my hair. To be honest the manager, I believe her name is Tracey, has made me feel unwelcome almost since she took on her current role. The only positive interaction I have ever had was the first time I met her and she made sure to tell me she was the new manager and, "Things were going to get better here." Yesterday was the final straw. I had checked in on-line and had a 19 minute wait time. I drove to the Bartram Park location and while on the way there the wait time would vary on the the app to upwards of 34 minutes. No big deal I get it, they took clients who arrived before me. So finally I arrive and the app tells me the wait time is now 0 minutes. Great! I'll be in and out. The screen said I was next "on deck" but that I was assigned to Tracey to cut my hair. I didn't pick Tracey on my app. I checked my phone to make sure and the app confirmed my choice of First Available. I shared this information with the lady at the counter. All she said was, OK." She didn't do anything about it. Instead a man walks in and is 4th in line, listed as First Available and is taken in ahead of everybody else already waiting. So my concerns were ignored. After waiting for approximately 10 minutes my check-in on the screen and on my phone expires! I immediately inform the lady at the front desk and was re-checked in. But now I am last on the list with over an hour wait! I was assured that Tracy would "make it right" and call me next. But that is not what happened. The next person was called. By now I am frustrated and upset. I let the manager know I won't be coming back. The manager tells me she would explain why she called the next person and not me. That I don't understand. But the totality of my experience at this particular Sports Clips has left me feeling unappreciated and undervalued as a loyal Sports Clips customer.

1 rating

I got my hair cut for about 15 years but recently I have shown up before close and they will not cut my hair. This has happened multiple times when I have shown up 45 minutes before close with no line. Now they close at 6! Not enough time at work to get there to get a cut. Never again.

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First time trying a sportsclips, not impressed. They were friendly and courteous, hence, why I gave them the two stars at all. The haircut I received was amateur at best. The hairdresser, whose name I can?t recall(young, dark black hair, tattoos) was constantly asked by her supervisor to go back over the same areas numerous times and inevitably the manager herself ended up fixing the issue. Seems as if they stylist was not very knowledgeable in how to cut hair and I certainly will not return. I think she knew she messed up, I could read it on her face and she didn?t even offer to show me the back of my head.

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Stephen C. | November 30, 2021 Google

" I have been a loyal Sports Clips (MVP) customer for well over 10 years. But no more. This place has"

Joshua H. | November 30, 2021 Google

" I got my hair cut for about 15 years but recently I have shown up before close and they will not cu"

Tyler J. | October 12, 2021 Google

" First time trying a sportsclips, not impressed. They were friendly and courteous, hence, why I gave"

Jeremy C. | October 9, 2021 Google

" All friendly people"

James Y. | September 17, 2021 Google

" Doesn't open on time."

Arthur B. | August 16, 2021 Google

" I'm requested a very simple haircut, it looks as if all I received was holes in it. I will not retu"

Jon R. | July 22, 2021 Google

" Because they don?t update there times I was denied services at 630 pm"

Carolyn K. | July 11, 2021 Google

" Husband's haircut was great! Thanks Tracey"

The B. | May 8, 2021 Google

" DON?T GO HERE. Worst haircut I?ve had in 20 years. This was supposed to be a medium fade. Hahahaha."

Preston_town | April 28, 2021 Google

" I showed them a picture of what I wanted and I left it up for the lady to look at and when I said o"